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Trade Secrets at 1 Bass Pro Mills Drive, Concord in Vaughan, Ontario

Trade Secrets in 1 Bass Pro Mills Drive, Concord, Ontario: reviews, opening times, drive directions, photos, contacts etc.

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Beauty salon

Phone: +1 905-660-9255


1 Bass Pro Mills Drive, Concord,
Vaughan, Ontario
L4K 5W4
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Reviews about Trade Secrets

  • Tanecia Karmas
    1 /5
    It was Friday evening and my regular salon was busy so I figured I would try something new. I went in for a wash, cut, and blow-dry with the stylist Adam. I have never, in my life, been so disappointed with the quality of a haircut. I constantly was telling him I didn't like how it was turning out to which he repeatedly said "it takes time to layer" and to trust him. I've gotten layers before. Several times actually. Never before had I sat in the chair for over TWO hours for such a bad quality style. I'm very particular about my hair but was trying to be as positive as possible. After the horrendous cut, I was waiting for the "blow dry" part of what I was paying for. He could hardly hold the round brush properly and quickly gave up and simply blow dried my hair dry - with no style. I could have done a better job at home. Adam could see my disappointment at the very end and said for me to "wait until it grows out a bit" before it looks good. Pardon me? I like to walk out of the salon feeling good, not wait a few weeks. I had a sinking feeling while sitting in the chair, and cried when I got home. A woman's hair is her identity, her confidence. And Adam took that away from me. I was too embarrassed to even put my hair down. I had beautiful long hair, past my lower back and simply went in asking for a slight "V" shape with some layers. Now to correct the hack job he did, I have to cut my hair to my shoulders which is far shorter than I ever planned. The next day, I spoke with a very understanding and friendly manager and got my $91 back (including do you not tip in the service industry?). When I walked into the store, Adam saw me and immediately went to hide behind the wall. The entire time that I spoke to the manager he was peeking around the corner, like a coward, rather than manning up to admit that he messed up and wasn't properly equipped and prepared to cut my hair. I have never been so disgusted with a stylist in my life. He should NOT be allowed to cut a woman's hair. Stick to the electric razor and easy cuts. It may seem like an overreaction, but after reading previous reviews it's clear Adam shouldn't be employed in this particular service industry. For over four months clients have been complaining and you continue to let him near a woman's hair? Crazy!
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Trade Secrets is located at 1 Bass Pro Mills Drive, Concord, Vaughan, Ontario.